The ideal wind turbine

>Modular, no built-in obsolescence.
> Aerospace construction. Built with the same materials that are used to build transport airplanes.
> Low-maintenance, set-up and forget.
> Scalable and stackable, more power in less space.
> Safe, tested in hurricane winds.
> Quiet, no noise. None.
> Bird, bat, pollinator and human friendly. Dogs and horses like them too.
> 300% greater efficiency in arrays including MW power.
> Patented Biomimetic rotors that utilize the same aerodynamic
feature that hawks and eagles use to stay in the air for so long.
> Designed and Made in America .
> RoHS compliant, completely recyclable
> More than a decade of field testing and proof of performance through ice, snow, and hurricane winds. And operated safely at a certified wildlife habitat.
> And the first renewable product with 24/7 energy with the integrated Infinity Motor.
> First in the industry limited lifetime rotor warranty.

No wonder the propeller wind turbine people hate us.;)

The Star Sailor TCom was designed originally to power critical aerospace and defense sensors and telemetry. Great for commercial lighting, security cameras, Wi-Fi and cellular wireless communications, IoT,

SPIN™ Self-Powered Intelligent Networks

Powering connected technologies across platforms and across miles, securely and reliably.

Renewable powered secure, private cloud and Internet.
Decarbonizing data from the ground up.

The only reliable renewable powered network, integrating wind and solar with defense grade physical cyber security and the ONLY product capable of producing electricity without wind or solar implementing the patented Infinity Motor.

Star Sailor technologies and products for cybersecure cloud-based, renewable powered mobility infrastructures, and national security systems including Low Probability of Detection (LPD) and Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) aerial relay solutions, and uniting terrestrial and space systems.


Portable - Deployable - Resilient

Power for airports, communications, data, defense and mobility

Renewable solutions for airports, industry and national security.

Safe for airports, vertiports and spaceports.
First in the industry limited lifetime rotor warranty.



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