Star Sailor Partners with Stealth Mobility Start-up to Study
Patented Energy Storage in eV Engineering & E-Fuels

Star Sailor's intelligent Energy Storage (iES) has been demonstrated and is in advanced prototyping.

The first of its kind mechatronic battery implements an intelligent multifunctional technology offering energy harvesting and motion control for vehicles and automation systems.

The iES is one half of the Star Sailor strategy in the decarbonization of electric mobility, industrial automation and securing data, automation and mobility.

Advancing sustainability in Infrastructures

Star Sailor wind turbines are featured in a new book published by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Renewable Energy Technologies and Water Infrastructure (2022).

Written and edited by an ASCE's Environmental and Water Resource Institute (EWRI) committee on renewable energy, the book offers critical evaluation of renewable technologies in securing the water infrastructure while increasing resiliency and sustainability.

The book offers a roadmap for the sustainable development of water infrastructures nationally and internationally

Star Sailor T-Com & StarCom turbines are proven safe for built environments.

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