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Designed for integration Star Salor T-Com™ Features:

- Rugged, low-maintenance vertical axis wind turbine,
- Modular, stackable and scalable power,
Micro T-Com™ Secure IoT/Sensor Platform,
- T-Com 200-W, 600-W and 1.5-kW UPS,
- StarCom 36-kW and 48-kW hybrid towers,
- Installation on new & existing structures; towers, roofs, bridges, and mobile units (trailers, barges).
- Microwave permeable enclosures,
- Airport, spaceport built environment safe,
- Quiet, bird, bat and human tested.

Star Sailor's turbines are offered in base turbine and solar hybrid UPS platform to 48-kW in stacked towers. Providing the highest energy density per meter area of any VAWT.

Integration and Specialty Products: Power for an Interconnected World

We offer microwave permeable enclosures and devices for weather and environmental monitoring, secure wireless communications and imaging. After market integration support and modification of frames and enclosures are available for a variety of requirements. Contact us to discuss your applications or for distribution and sales opportunities. NDA's are available upon request.


American Designed & Manufactured Rugged, Reliable Energy 50-W to 48-kW. Anywhere, all the time.

No equivocation. Star Sailor Energy and its subsidiaries are US-owned and operated. Our dedication to technological excellence is reflected in our staff, partners and affiliates offering the experience and diverse skill sets to support specialty energy projects and deliver quality American products.

Star Sailor Energy's T-Com™ Series is the first modular wind turbine to offer the advantages of rugged reliability of a purpose built environment safe wind turbine. Constructed with aerospace materials and the first limited lifetime warranty for wind turbine rotors. As an option, the T-Com™ Series integrates solar and batteries in a highly resilient hybrid unit. The 24/7-power T-Com™ Hybrid UPS is a lightweight integrated package for demanding applications from urban lighting, Wi-Fi, and virtual security, direct DC microgrid applications and aerospace and military power.


New approach to lighting, wireless & virtual security

Right: Star Sailor Micro T-Com™ and T-Com™ UPS platforms are safe for built environments, airports and spaceports. Their application is only limited by imagination. Right: Star Sailor T-Com™ Commercial Lighting Units in development with power to spare for virtual security, secure IoT and wireless.

Security through Self-Powered Intelligent Networks (SPIN)™ & Carbon Zero Data™

Star Sailor SPIN™ systems offer advanced adaptive network topology supported by 24/7 hybrid Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for ledgers, edge computing, wireless, IoT, mobility, infrastructure surveillance (pipelines), and virtual security across corporate campuses and across miles. By 2025 as much as 40% of carbon production will be a product of data technologies. Star Sailor's SPIN™ systems offer Carbon Zero Data™ the ultimate in security through self-powered networks.


Star Sailor's Electric Highway Project™ - Powering Data & Mobility



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