Star Sailor American Made Products:
Powering Critical Technologies for New National Security Priorities

Portable - Deployable - Resilient

Power for Airports, Communications, Data, Defense and Mobility

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Renewable solutions for airports, industry and national security.

Safe for airports, vertiports and spaceports.
First in the industry limited lifetime rotor warranty.

Integrated, renewable products to power devices and systems for critical, remote and resilient needs.

TCom UPS & SPIN Systems:
Solutions for virtual security, All Domain communications (5G, etc.), wireless IoT & networking, across facilities and across miles.

SPIN™ Self-Powered Intelligent Networks

Powering connected technologies across platforms and across miles, securely and reliably.

Renewable powered secure, private cloud and Internet.
Decarbonizing data from the ground up.

Intelligent Modularity for Green Data & Integrators

Reliable power for critical infrastructures, where you need it, when you need it.

Star Sailor patented high-lift vertical axis wind turbines (Hy-VAWT) have more than 15 years in field testing, including hurricane speed winds.

Rugged, reliable energy 50-W to 72-kW. 1-MW stackable and in arrays.

Human, bird and bat safe. Pollinator approved.™

First in the industry limited lifetime rotor warranty.

The modular, TCom Hybrid Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), in truck deployable and "set-up-and-forget" models.

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