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Star Sailor Technology: Commitment to strengthening American made energy products and infrastructure resilience.

Star Sailor Wind Turbines: Design excellence, reliability, safety, RoHS compliant.
Star Sailor's rugged, hurricane wind tested Built Environment Wind Turbine (BEWT) T-Com™ wind turbines completed nearly a decade of field testing proving safety, performance and reliability even in hurricane speed winds. Star Sailor's T-Com™ 2 prototype tested in a residential area and certified wildlife habitat for eight years.

Self-Powered Intelligent Networks (SPIN™) bring power to remote, critical infrastructures

Star Sailor's expertise in rugged, built environment safe wind products, advanced power systems and our technical background in communications and security is integrated into Star Sailor's proprietary uninterruptible power supply (UPS) networks. These unique integrated platforms offer security and independence across corporate campuses and miles for remote and critical infrastructures.

No freezing. Low-maintenance, set-up and forget design. No worries about fragmentation zones* with Star Sailor's T-Com™ built environment safe turbine. Industry leading limited lifetime rotor warranty. And American made.

Our goal at Star Sailor Energy is to produce evolutionary products. Our wind turbines employ a modular design to exploit new technologies and options as they are developed. Our dedication to quality, combining R&D, testing and production has created a different approach to wind energy and product development. For information on partnering and licensing please contact Dr. Menges or Mr. Smith at
info <@> starsailorenergy.com


Innovation in energy storage, motorless motion and combined heat and power (CHP) creating 24/7 renewable energy

Innovation for Carbon Zero™ energy is Star Sailor's strong suit. Our subsidiary, Star Sailor Power, LLC. has proven innovation in patented energy storage with revolutionary combined heat and power (CHP) devices, scalable energy storage and a new approach to energy harvesting motorless motion. Our motorless motion technology provides 24/7 wind. When no wind or low wind conditions exist, our On-Demand Power Module rotates the electrical generator to produce electricity. The same technology can be applied to other types of wind turbines for start-up motors as well as to a variety of automation, robotics, and electric vehicle applications.

Non-electrolytic battery, excels in environmental safety, energy storage, auxiliary power for eV's and aerospace

The Multifunctional Storage System (MSS) augments the On-Demand Power Module increasing non-electrolytic storage capacity that is both scalable and reliable. The functional materials that create the core capabilities of the MSS are environmentally safe and can be re-used. The CHP function of the MSS may be integrated into any thermal management system to harvest, store and generate both mechanical and electrical energy. The current targeted applications include thermal management for solar concentrators, spacecraft solar arrays, and lightweight auxiliary power units (APU) for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and eV's.

Dedication to a Carbon Zero™ future: Diverse, integrated intellectual property portfolio

Star Sailor Energy's wealth in technological innovation is demonstrated in a strategically structured IP portfolio. At Star Sailor our technology is designed to build on robust capabilities and continue to maintain Star Sailor as the Power Behind the Technology™ and leader in Carbon Zero™ technological infrastructures. Resilience through technologically robust and proven products support the continued growth of strategic partners, Star Sailor's focus on energy as a critical infrastructure and national security component reflects its founder's continuing commitment to strengthening American energy security and economic resilience.



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