Star Sailor Energy, Inc. The power behind the technology.™

Carbon Zero™ Future
Strengthening infrastructures through renewables

Star Sailor Energy is an early stage high-tech, renewable technology company dedicated to creating intelligent technologies for a sustainable, Carbon Zero™ future. Our subsidiaries, Star Sailor Power, LLC. and Star Sailor Wind, LLC. are dedicated to commercializing Star Sailor's patented technologies. From built environment safe wind turbines (BEWT) to powering an interconnected world, our dedication to technological excellence is demonstrated in our new product lines. Star Sailor's continuing R&D in our patented biomimetic wind turbines, energy storage and motorless motion technologies ensures continued growth and advancement in areas critical to a Carbon Zero™ future as "The Power Behind the Technology™".

Our founders and technical leadership are leaders in engineering, science, business and national security.


Our goal at Star Sailor Energy is to produce our innovative, patented products in a high-quality, US made environment. It is our corporate philosophy to provide a product with a future. Our wind turbines employ a modular design to exploit new technologies and options as they are developed. Our dedication to quality, combining R&D and production has created a distinctly different approach to wind power and energy storage while supporting diverse customer requirements.

Associates and Partners

Our associates provide unquiet skill sets to integrate our products from any application from aerospace to mobility to commercial lighting and communications.

Our partners represent strategic industries from communications, public safety, transportation, space systems, agriculture and aviation. All industries requiring reliable, safe and secure energy for operations.

Star Sailor's wind turbines were originally developed to meet the requirements of remote power for aerospace telemetry and remote sensing. Today Star Sailor Energy’s intellectual property portfolio includes reduced-drag, performance adaptive vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT), on-demand power bridging the gap in renewable energy during no wind and no sun for 24/7 wind power, and advanced scalable non-electrolytic power storage and motorless motion.

Local power advantage: Security, resilience an sustainability
Star Sailor Energy is leading in innovation in critical areas of microgrid and direct DC charging increasing electric vehicle accessibility. The eV has been called the electric grid's moving target. As new infrastructure design is nearly underway, the value of local energy generation is gaining understanding. As a leader in local energy technologies, Star Sailor Energy and its subsidiaries have focused on products to reduce dependence on grid centered electricity.

The T-Com™ integrated platform offers a self-powered Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for the most demanding applications. Star Sailor Energy's T-Com™ wind turbines are the first to offer a limited lifetime warranty for rotors. Above: Artists rendering of the planned Star Sailor HQ with the newly patented and field-tested biomimetic wind turbines. A first in the BEWT, with proven hurricane wind performance and architectural good looks and 24/7 power for lighting, Wi-Fi and virtual security.



Star Sailor Energy, Inc. is a women-owned and operated company.
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