The power behind the technology.™


Energy Storage
Impossible Machines™
Carbon Zero Data

Revolutionizing energy storage.
Changing the paradigm in batteries & eFuels.

Impossible machines changing the way
we engineer machinery & use energy.

Decarbonized electricity for data, eFuels,
electric mobility & critical infrastructures.


Star Sailor™ is at the forefront of decarbonization across industries & infrastructures

Star Sailor is leading the way with patented technologies that were only the stuff of science fiction a few short years ago.

Advanced scalable energy storage is moving a decarbonized world away from chemical batteries and environmental hazards. Star Sailor intelligent Energy Storage (iES) technology is a lightweight, energy harvesting technology for 24/7-Wind, electric vehicles and e-Fuels processing increasing efficiencies and decreasing reliance on rare earth mining.

The mechatronic* technology developed by Star Sailor implements a new approach to energy and AI. Establishing highly secure and explainable technology across platforms and applications.

*Mechatronic or mechatronics is an area of engineering that integrates electrical, mechanical and materials sciences to create new solutions to technological challenges. Star Sailor's innovative patented technologies integrate neuromorphic systems building secure and resilient AI controlled devices and systems for energy storage, 24/7-renewables, robotics, medicine and aerospace.




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