Above: Rendering of Star Sailor's stacked turbine array that can be installed in nearly any open space for reliable ag-power and resilient infrastructures support.


Ag-WInd must be safe, quiet and not reduce crop or grazing land. Star Sailors built environment, high-wind safe turbines provide an alternative to horizontal wind or propeller turbines.

No issues with rotor failure or fragmentation of blades. At Star Sailor, safety comes first and Star Sailor offers the first limited lifetime rotor warranty. Farmers have enough to worry about today without concerns over propeller wind turbine blade failures.

As farmers, most of live on our land, raise our children and care for our animals. Reliability means far more to us.

Contact us for your renewable energy needs. We know your challenges and your commitment to the land and community.


Star Sailor's Hybrid UPS platforms providing resilient microgrid and rugged hybrid remote power


> Integrated commercial and dark skies LED lighting
> Battery charging, power augmentation, DC systems
> Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
> Autonomous power and microgrid systems
> Heliports, airports and spaceports
> Security system platforms for commercial, government and residential installations
> Roadway information systems
> Intelligent and electronic signage
> Video surveillance & virtual fencing
> Medical, technical and research operations, NGO's
> Wireless communications & computing, Wi-Fi and broadband networks
> Car/eV charging hybrid stations
> Emergency transmitters and relays
> Smart Systems Mobile Power Pods™
> Disaster response and custom mobile systems
> Contact us with your requirements.

Where to purchase Star Sailor Energy Turbines?

Star Sailor's Test Site is a certified wildlife habitat with white Dutch clover, bee and bat boxes, salamander towers and dedicated habitat

Left: Geodesic dome built by Santa Fe Community College. SFCC is working with Star Sailor to train the next generation of renewable energy technicians and improve energy options for agriculture and infrastructures. Courtesy of Luke Spangenburg.

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